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The not-so-evil geniuses behind SAM.

BrandExtract: The Team Behind SAM 

Founded in 2005, BrandExtract is a Houston-based brand experience firm that helps growing companies in a wide array of industries create opportunities, transform their businesses and grow their influence. It is our passion to help you build a brand experience that is universally positive, resonates with your audiences and attracts believers.

Our VP of Software Engineering, Donovan Buck, began leading the development of SAM in the early 2000s with the goal of creating an easy to use, robust, and reliable platform for large, corporate clients with complex requirements. Since then, he and his team have continued to improve and upgrade the system to provide the best possible user experience.

Malcolm Wolter, BrandExtract's VP of Digital, leads SAM's front-end development with over eighteen years of experience in usability and user experience design. Malcolm earned his certification as a Usability Analyst from Human Factors International in 2013.

Sherrill Baggett, leads our support team, drawing on over ten years of experience as a developer to help SAM users before and after launch. She "trains the trainers" in large organizations, creates our SAM "how-to" videos and prepares custom videos for clients with unique requirements.

The core development team, John Lafitte, Son Tran-Nguyen and Steven Fippinger, drive ongoing innovation for the platform, building support for fully responsive websites and ensuring the seamless integration of third-party platforms and applications.

Jason Wolter handles all the technical details when it comes to hosting and maintaining your server. He helps populate SAM sites and assists with post-launch updates and improvements. Our Web Strategist, Leigh Anne Bishop, keeps a watchful eye on the help desk dashboard, always willing to jump in and keep things moving. 

Our SAM Web Content Manager has been the technology behind countless websites for diverse organizations such as Marathon Oil Corporation, The San Jacinto Museum of History, The Houston Ballet and many more. 

SAM is just one tool in our suite of brand enhancing applications. We continually develop new software solutions to support our clients.

Developed exclusively by BrandExtract, SAM is currently available exclusively to clients who have collaborated with our firm on a web development or redesign project.

Donovan Buck - Donovan Buck - VP Software Engineering - BrandExtract

Malcolm Wolter, CUA - Malcolm Wolter, CUA - VP Digital - BrandExtract

Sherrill Baggett - Sherrill Baggett - Support Manager | BrandExtract

John Lafitte - John Lafitte - Senior Developer - BrandExtract

Son Tran-Nguyen - Son Tran-Nguyen - Developer - BrandExtract

Steven Fippinger - Steven Fippinger - Developer - BrandExtract

Jason Wolter - Jason Wolter - IT Manager - BrandExtract

Leigh Anne Bishop - Leigh Anne Bishop - Web Strategist - BrandExtract

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